Your birthday will never be a strong password. There are several ways to choose a strong password.
May 2 is celebrated as the world password day. The importance of this day is that every media body, including newspapers and televisions that are not interested in technology, need to create a strong password. A person who doesn’t deal with information technologies, doesn’t work in IT department, remembers when he will create a new password, but only if they create a new password, but they don’t always do it.

Closeup of Password Box in Internet Browser

There are many powerful password creation articles on the Internet, but it is good to refresh and update our information. Today, there are still many people who choose the password “password“, 6 123456 Günümüzde and e qwertyuiop Günümüzde.

There are some ways to protect yourself in today’s world where identity theft and database leaks have begun to emerge.

Check Your Old Passwords

Check your old passwords before creating a new password. Your previously secure password may no longer be secure. Hackers are making more sophisticated transactions every day. First, make sure you’re safe.

Your Password Is Unpredictable

Even though this is quite clear, what people usually understand is the date of birth. Do not create a password for your public information. For example, if your dog’s name is Hercules and the city you live in is Istanbul, a hacker looking at your Facebook page will use Herkül34 as an alternative in the seconds he saw your share in Istanbul and ‘My son Herkül’üm ve written in the tab where he lives (tell the truth, who’s the password?) . The fact that the hacker doesn’t know you personally doesn’t mean he won’t be able to see your personal information. Date of birth, date of marriage, the street you grew up, your university school number should not be your password. A good password shouldn’t have anything to do with you.

Use Long Passwords

Sites do not allow the use of passwords below a certain length. It is really worth creating passwords as long as possible. The more letters, symbols, and numbers you squeeze into these passwords, the better.

There are sites specializing in creating long and complex passwords. If you believe you will find it hard to keep these passwords in mind, set up a password manager and continue your life safely by remembering only one password.

Create Strong Passwords

Use a lot of letters, a lot of figures, a lot of symbols. Even if possible, your passwords are unreadable. For example, if you put your password on Aveng3r because of your favorite Avengers series, it won’t work much, so choose something that’s hard to read.

Change Regular Password

Breaking the passwords is not a process that lasts for months. Probably once hacked into the wall, the hackers don’t mess with your password. So why is it better to change your regular password? Your passwords are exposed because of continuous leaks. For example, you have a password of 34jeG% V3 & Md48 @! 563. This password is not trying to break the hackers, but the password you use the platform (such as Facebook) data can not prevent the leakage of your password is exposed. Find a new one. It is better to change your password according to a calendar you specify.

Multiple Factor Validation

If you have completed the above steps and created a secure password, use multiple security. Many sites and platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, apply additional security measures for verification at the entry. Your use of these will make a significant contribution to your cyber security.

May 2 Happy World Password Day already happy. Stay safe on the internet.