WhatsApp announces a new feature called Product Catalog, which enables small businesses to display their products directly through the messaging application.
With its biggest event in 2019, Facebook announced a very important feature for small businesses using WhatsApp Business during the F8 Developer Conference. Small businesses can now sell directly from WhatsApp without the need for any online shopping platform or website to sell their products.

WhatsApp makes it possible for small businesses to display their product catalogs directly on WhatsApp, thanks to the new olarak product catalog katalog feature. In this way, small businesses without the need for costly tools such as internet sites can buy orders directly from WhatsApp and sell their products independently.

Creating a ve high quality sites website for small businesses and taking orders from here is a costly business. Online shopping platforms cause a reduction in profitability as they receive commission. With the product catalog feature, consumers can open the chat window of the company they want to order and examine the product catalog and order the product easily.