Samsung wants to continue its innovative work without slowing down. Samsung wants to keep the screens as a whole.
In 2019, Samsung has made many breakthroughs. Galaxy Fold with foldable screen and the Galaxy S10, which has taken the fingerprint reader on the screen. Apparently, Samsung found the second case to be more successful. Samsung wants to add more sensors and cameras to the phones screen.

As known, the Galaxy S10 has a fingerprint sensor integrated in the display. The front camera is built into the display. Even though users sometimes like it and sometimes criticize it, Samsung wants to use it more. But they know that it is not easy. Because opening holes in OLED screens is a very difficult process.

The event has a little more size. So Samsung wants the screen to be one piece, so it won’t look anything different when looking at the user screen. Whenever the user needs his camera, the camera will appear with a ‘visible’ panel on the screen.

Samsung is not content with this. He wants to keep almost all of the sensors that a smartphone will have on the screen. Next to an invisible camera, the proximity sensor, sensors that detect ambient light, and even Samsung’s targets on a speaker on the screen. Even though Samsung has the capacity to develop this technology, it does not want to experience problems in a similar way to the Galaxy Fold example. Samsung is expected to work for a long time to realize these plans