The best-selling smartphones of 2018 were announced. Apple’s 10th year special iPhone iPhone X, despite all the criticism of the year was the best-selling smart phone.
The international research company, Counterpoint Research, announced in 2018, which is the best-selling smartphone model in the global smartphone market and the largest local market in the world, China. Apple’s 10th year special phone iPhone X, 2018 was the best-selling smart phone.

When we look at the global smartphone market, we see that the first three ranks are iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. At this point, we can easily say Apple’s 2017 model iPhone series. 6 different iPhone models among the top 10 phones show that the year 2018 for Apple is not bad at all.

Looking at China, local brands have a clear dominance. 8 of the top 10 smartphones sold in China are produced by local brands. Surprisingly, no model of Huawei was among the best-selling smartphones in the world, nor in China. The company’s wide range of products seems to have prevented a single model from coming forward.