Talking about many innovations at today’s conference, Instagram has talked about new camera design as well as a new mode and specific innovations.
Instagram has announced new features that it will add to its social media application as part of its current conference. These new features included a new design and a novelty called ‘Create Mode Bu.

In the new camera interface, we will be able to choose from a variety of wheel effects from different camera effects. Instagram says the new camera update is designed to make it easier to add effects and make the whole content simpler. Instagram also said that it will share the feature of y Create Mode özel with the whole world soon.

In addition, the social media giant is also testing shopping and donation stickers. A feature similar to the shopping feature was recently added to the platform and when we clicked on the shares we were able to access the prices and sales pages of the products that were shared. Thanks to the new feature, we will be able to buy products directly from Instagram.

When we come to donation, Instagram users will be able to donate to non-profit organizations through stickers.

One of the last features that Instagram has brought is the feature of hafta closing the number of tastes ğeni mentioned last week. Instagram, which made a statement on the subject, will bring this innovation in order to focus on photos rather than tastes. The feature is currently being tested with specific users in Canada.