Facebook wants to bring groups to the fore in their mobile app.

With the changes it has made, the company increases both the importance and function of the groups.
Facebook, the world’s largest social media application, announced many new features for Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp during the annual F8 Developer Conference. According to a Facebook side, the social media platform will now give more importance to communities.

According to the company,

there are 10 million different groups and 400 million users in Facebook. The ‘groups’ icon added to the Facebook app will allow Facebook users to view the groups they’re a member of, see all posts from only those groups, and discover new groups.

Also, according to the company’s statement, Facebook groups will have different capabilities according to their types. For example, in a health group, members will be able to share their illnesses or solutions related to a health problem anonymously. Or, in a business-oriented group, employers will have an interface where they can share jobs to find new employees.

Facebook states that group posts will take up more space on the main page in the new system.

There are also some new features for users to make new friends from similar communities. The already Tested New Friends feature will integrate with Groups and enable users to be friends with similar users.