The iPad 2, which Apple produced for the longest time in 2011, has been added to the vintage models list.

As it is known, Apple, 5 years past its products vintage model, 7 and longer than the products that have been added to the list of older models. Apple’s iPad model of a period of the iPad 2 has been added to the list of vintage models since today. iPad 2 owners will no longer receive technical support for their products. Technical support for iPad 2 products in our country and in California will continue until 2021. This is because customers are guaranteed by law.

The iPad 2, which was first released in March 2011, attracted more attention than expected. Some products were added to the list of vintage and old models in a much shorter time by Apple. However, in the 8th year of iPad 2 production, it was added to the list of vintage models. According to the laws implemented in our country, technical support will continue until 2021. iPad 2s will be added to the old models list after this period expires.

iPad 2s have a special place for both users and Apple.

The reason for this is that the iPad 2 was the tablet that was supported for the longest time and was the last tablet that Steve Jobs introduced.