The new software development kit (SDK) announcing Facebook, developers provide great convenience.
Mobile application developers want users to verify the identity of their users and, in the end, understand the ‘bot’ (computer program) so that users can enter their phone number and then the verification code sent to their phone numbers.

At the F8 Developer Conference, the largest Facebook event of 2019, the Silicon Valley giant company announced today that developers can now verify with WhatsApp instead of verifying users via SMS (text message).

For the developers, Facebook has released the new WhatsApp Software Development Kit for the new method that will both cause less problems and prevent unnecessary waste of money. In this respect, the developers will be able to verify the verification codes they are currently sending; applications to send an option over WhatsApp and ask the user to enter the code from WhatsApp.

The new method, available for both Android and iOS platforms, seems to make mobile application developers more than happy. It is reported that the verification code with WhatsApp is actually available since 2018 but is only available for the internet browser, and now it can be integrated into mobile applications.