According to a new claim from China

Huawei will introduce an 8G, 5G-enabled TV that can take the TV industry to a different point this year.
The Chinese consumer electronics and telecommunications company, Huawei, will launch a 5G-supported TV this year, according to the Nikkei Asian Review’s industry sources. With 8K screen resolution, this TV will bring standard smart TVs to a new dimension.


This TV, which allegedly has a 5G connection, will not need conventional broadcast boxes or fiber optic cables. Featuring a 5G wireless connection, this TV will also serve as a hotspot for other devices in the shooting area. At this point, we can say that TV can be used as a router in a sense.



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Although the 5G connection is one of the most important features of the new Huawei TV, the 8K screen resolution is not something to consider. 8K resolution screens have 16 times more pixels than standard Full HD screens. For this reason, the resolution is incredibly increased compared to Full HD TVs.